Motion Laboratory

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  • I. FUKUMOTO : Using Motion Data to Compare Rotational Motions of a Ball by Different Kicking Methods
  • H. TANIMUKAI : Interactive Content of Shari Casket Using Motion Data and AR
  • A. ASAI : Using System Log Data to Analyze User Behaviors in Museum Exhibitions
  • T. OJIMO : Group Dance Simulation System of Yosakoi Using Motion Data
  • K. KINOU : Comparison of Pedaling Forms for a Load Bike Using Motion Data
  • K. SHIGEHARA : VR Simulator that Presents Physical Sense of Bouldering
  • Y. HOSODA : Road Bike Accident Simulator Using HMD and Sensor Technologies
  • M. YOSHIHARA : Rehabilitation Exercise Promotion Game by Posture Recognition Using Kinect
  • Y. WATABE : Superimposed Display System for Hand-Drawn Information Using Smart Glasses
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| 2017 abstract |
  • R. TANAKA : CG Reproduction of a Folding Fan by Motion Capture
  • R. KITAMURA : Computer-aided Sugoroku Games in the Edo Period Using Interactive Techniques for Museum Exhibits
  • K. KIMOTO : Route Simulation System of Nerikuyo Using 3DCG
  • S. TOMITA : Exhibition-support System for Maki-e Fountain Pens using HMD and Pen-type Device
  • S. NAKADAIRA : Motion Analysis of Windmill Pitching in Softball by Motion Capture
  • T. HIRAI : Calculation of Joint Positions and Analysis of Feature Values Using Ballet Motion Data
  • C. HONDA : 3DCG Reproduction of Fountain Pens Utilizing Museum's Existing Archives
  • K. MORI : Simulation System for Crime Prevention Using 3DCG
  • H. YAMAMOTO : Shorinji Kempo's Solo Performance Creation System Using Motion Data
  • [M] Y. YAZAKI : Automatic Synthesizing System of Choreography for Supporting Contemporary Dance Creation
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| 2016 abstract |
  • Taiki ICHIDA : Virtual Experience System for Learning Japanese Shrine Manners using HMD and Leap Motion
  • Shun UEFUJI : Learning Contents of Handball Team Play by Motion Capture
  • Keisuke SUMIDA : Simulation System of Buddhist Ceremonial Procession using VR Technologies
  • Shota TAGUCHI : Motion Analysis of Boxing by Motion Capture
  • Yasuhiro TOMIMASU : Simulation System of Sliding Door Arrangements to Support Museum Exhibitions
  • Tomoko NISHIJIMA : Creation-and-play System of Shomyo Musical Scores using a Tablet
  • Tetsutoshi NOMURA : Choreography Synthesis System by Inputting Body-part Motions using a Kinect
  • Noritaka FUJITA : Walk-through System for a Temple using HMD and Leap Motion
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| 2015 abstract |
  • Tomo KADOKAWA : Furniture Layout Simulation System using a Tablet
  • Ryosuke KONISHI : A Visualization System of Buddhist Song Scale by Voice Input
  • Misato NISHIZAWA : Visualization System of Human Characteristics for Analyzing Classical Ballet Motion
  • Ryo WATANABE : Dance Movement Creation System by Voice Input and Body-part Motion Combination
  • Sosuke KOMORI : Learning Support Content of Juggling by Motion Capture
  • Kyosuke JIMU : Automatic Generation System for Hip-hop Dance by Quantification of Choreographic Structure
  • Mio TOKUDA : Retrieval System of Motion Data by Human Pose Input using a Kinect
  • Akiro NAKAHIGASHI : A Walk-through System in 3D Space using Kinect
  • Yuho YAZAKI : System for Automatic Creation of Choreography by Synthesizing Body-part Motions
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| 2014 abstract |
  • Yosuke IJIMA : A Retrieval System of Human Body Postures using a Kinect Device
  • Maiku TATEKAWA : A 3D Interactive Interior Simulation System
  • Keisuke TSUDA : A System for Generating Choreography on-demand using Dance Motion
  • Yusuke NIWA : A Virtual Fitting System of a Buddhist Ceremonial Procession to Support a Museum Exhibit
  • Inggrama Aziz ANJANI : A System to Process Human Body Motions using Touch-operated Control Points
Interior Simulation Automatic Composition Virtual Fitting Motion Editing
| 2013 abstract |
  • Yuki KINUTANI : Development of Virtual Etoki System using TVML
  • Keita KINOSHITA : Proposal of an Interface for Browsing Digital Archives using WebGL
  • Mio SAKURAI : Analysis of Classical Ballet Solo Dances using Motion Data and Music Data
  • Yuri SHIBAHARA : Stereoscopy CG Expression of Dancer Drawn on Casket by Motion Capture
  • Kazuhiro TAKEDA : Analysis of Ballet Arabesque Movement using Motion Data and Floor Reaction Force Data
  • Yusaku NAMBA : 3DCG Interior Designer: A Simulation System for Living Space using a Tablet
  • Kentaro FUJITA : Proposal of a Game to Promote Exercise using Multiple Acceleration Sensors
  • Shintaro HORITA : CG Reproduction of Rhythmic Gymnastics Hoop Movement by Motion Capture and a Physical Model
  • Sakiko MATSUMOTO : A Motion Synthesis System with a Tablet for Supporting Dance Creation
  • Katsuya MURACHI : A Retrieval System for the Basic Steps of Hip-Hop Dance
  • Kodai YAMANOE : Research on Human Body CG Characters for Learning Hip-Hop Dance
  • Futa YOSHII : Visualization of Learning Support Elements for Hip-Hop Dance with Onomatopoeia and CG Objects
  • [M] Itsuo YOSHIDA : Simulation System for Dance Groups using Game Devices
Virtual Etoki Motion Synthesis Motion & Force Analysis Diet Game
| 2012 abstract |
  • Kensuke KASAHARA : Analysis of Rotation Movement in Ballet using Motion Data from Different Dates
  • Satoshi KOKUBO : Distinguishing of Leg Motions in Noh by Machine Learning using Acceleration Data
  • Shunsuke KONISHI : An Interactive Dance Motion Viewer with a Virtual Idol on the Web
  • Kohei SAKAMOTO : A Retrieval System for Ballet Steps using Body Translation Information
  • Masanobu FUKUTOMI : A Simulation System for Stage Performances using TVML
  • Shuhei MABUCHI : Comparison of Dance Motions based on Principal Component Analysis for Body-part Angles
  • [M] Yoshiyuki KOHNO : A Support System for Choreography Creation by Body-part Motion Synthesis using Motion Data
  • [M] Kentaro FUJITA : A Study of CG Expression with Motion Data for Stage Production and Content Creation
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| 2011 abstract |
  • Itsuo YOSHIDA : Simulation of Dancing Group Formation with a Game Pad
  • Mayumi NISHINO :An Interactive Performance System using Jerk Data of Noh Dance
  • Hiroki HAYASHI : Comparison of Ballet Skills based on Principal Component Analysis using Motion Data from Different Dates
  • [M] Tsuyoshi MATSUOKA : Feature Analysis of Dance Motion based on PCA using 3-dimensional Motion Data
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| 2010 abstract |
  • Kazuya SUGIE : Comparison of Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance using Principal Component Analysis
  • Yoshiyuki KOHNO : A System for Simulating Motion by Synthesis with a Floor-contact Restriction on Human Body Section
  • Kentaro FUJITA : Applying 3-dimentional Motion Data from the Human Body to Plant Objects
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| 2009 abstract |
  • Yusuke OHTA : System for Controlling Human Body Animation with a Multi-touch Device
  • Daisuke KAJIKI : Learning and Simulating System for Ballet Pieces using Web3D Technologies
  • Tsuyoshi MATSUOKA : A Retrieval System for Ballet Steps using 3-dimensional Motion Data
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| 2008 abstract |
  • Yosuke KINOSHITA : Interactive Rhythmic Gymnastics Rule Book using Web3D Technologies
  • Kazuki HASHIMOTO : Ballet-pose Analysis using 3D Coordinate Information
  • Hiroshi FUJIWARA : Real-time CG Control System using a Touch-panel Device
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| 2006 abstract |