Motion Laboratory

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  • The purpose of this project is to create stage performances with real actors and projected virtual actors using motion data and CG technologies.

Sleep No More Jul. 2009, Oe Noh Theatre, Kyoto
  • Macbeth Made Noh/New, English/Japanese, Actual/Virtual
  • Collaboration between real actors and virtual actors projected to the screen
  • VIDEO MPEG 11.0MB (1:02)
Witches Witches CG Witches
Contemporary dance by three witches; two real dancers and a CG dancer
Ghost Ghost CG Ghost
Duet by a real Noh actor and a CG ghost of contemporary dance

A Spider's Thread Feb. 2010, Campus Plaza Kyoto
  • A Noh-style stage performance based on Ryunosuke Akutagawa's "The Spider's Thread" using CG animation with motion data
  • All actors except Buddha and Kandata, the thief are expressed by CG animation
  • Leaflet PDF 3.2MB   VIDEO MPEG 30.0MB (2:58)
Lotus Dance Lotus Dance Lotus Dance
Noh dance by a Noh actor and CG lotus
Hellevator Hellevator (hell + elevator)
Expression of Akutagawa's Hell by Noh motion data

A Spider's Thread Dec. 2010, Ryukoku University Avanti Kyoto Hall
  • An enhanced stage performance of 'A Spider's Thread' including actors/spectators interactions and five senses
  • Leaflet PDF 1.6MB
Utoh Utoh Utoh
Interaction between an actor and CG birds using an accelerometer
Photos by Osamu Muranaka
Interaction between spectators and CG sinners using augmented reality technology
Project Members
  • Asako Soga (Technical Director)
  • Jonah Salz (Stage Director)
  • Masahito Shiba (System Designer)
  • Kentaro Fujita (CG Creator)
  • Tradition Meets Technohlogy: Integrating Japanese Noh & New Technology in Shakespeare's Macbeth, Body, Space & Technology Journal