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Web3D Dance Composer for Ballet May 2005

MPEG 27.6MB (2:46)
Choreography Simulation System for Ballet using 3DCG
presented at 1st Digital Contents Symposium (Funai Award)
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Ballet Dogs Feb. 2006

MPEG 24.6MB (2:28)
Image Movie of Dancing Dogs
music: "ballet" by Eriko Okoshi
| PENKO GALLERY (Japanese) |
Dance Sequence Composition Dec. 2006
no link (2:10)
Blending Ballet and Contemporary Dance
presented at Monaco Dance Forum 2006 and ENACTIVE07
dance: Motoko Hirayama
music: "copito" by Eriko Okoshi
| Web3D Dance Research Project |
RG Project Jun. 2007
MPEG 20.0MB (2:00)
Learning Support System for Rhythmic Gymnastics Rules
presented at 3rd Digital Contents Symposium
music: Eriko Okoshi
| 3D Rulebook for RG (Java applet) |
Sleep no more Jul. 2009
Sleep no more
MPEG 11.0MB (1:02)
A Billingual New Noh Performance based on Shakespeare's Macbeth
performance at Oe Noh Theatre
music: "prologue" by Seiichiro Edo and Shunichiro Hisada
| Art Performance Project |
[New] A Spider's Thread Feb. 2010
A Spider's Thread
MPEG 30.0MB (2:58)
Enhanced Stage Performance with Projected CG using Noh Mocap
performance at Campus Plaza Kyoto
presented at Digital Resources for the Humanities & Arts 2010
narrator: Kagari Asukai
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